Is there a cost per lead?

Never! All leads are yours and only yours. 

How will I be sent leads?

Immediately after clients fill out a lead form, an email is sent to you informing you of their name and contact info.

What design options are there?

You have the option to choose between two types of ProCards: 

1. Your photo uses the majority of the right-hand side of the buttons.

2. Your photo is enclosed in a shape of some kind, usually used by those who don't want their photo to take up as much space or those who don't have a waist-up photo. 

3. Your Ad is placed in top 40% of the card. This works great for those who have an ad created.

Can I have a custom website address?

YES! Choose from any these domains below. Please keep in mind that certain words may already be used, such as or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone# or phone#

What if I need changes after I approve the card?

Minor changes such as contact information or phone # are always at no cost! Every year we offer a freshen up of your card, simply contact us and we will give you recommendations on the newest ProCard designs and features.

Can I use my own Lead Magnet?

Yes! Simply provide us the ready to use PDF or other format.

How many pages are there?

All ProCards come with 4 or more pages.

1. Intro/Home screen page

2. About Me page

3. Lead Magnet form

4. Map of your office

5. Mortgage Calculator or another lead capture form

What is the cost of extra or custom pages?

6 pages are included (plus one QR code share page). Each additional pre-built or custom page are a one time cost of $99.

If your needs are complex and require java script or css coding extra costs may be required and we will inform you of those costs before hand.

How long until my ProCard is active?

ProCards average 3-5 days to become active. You will always be sent your "live" ProCard to proof, so make sure you try out all the features and let us know asap if changes need to be made!

Why does it look different on Desktop?

ProCards were designed to shine on mobile phones - where 95% of your clients live! Your infomation is still visable on Desktop.

Are ProCards guaranteed?

ProCards are guaranteed 100% to work as described. In the unlikely event functions or links become broken, contact us and we will get it fixed. Once your order is placed, all sales are non-refundable.

ProCards are like that favorite tool in your garage or kitchen, it only works if you use it! Successful ProCard clients direct all their advertisements and lead referrals to their ProCard. Also sharing of your ProCard using your unique QR code increases your opportunity for success!


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3. Click "Import" & your in their phone!